Saturday 19th December to Thursday 24th December 2021

Following the success of our Christmas trail in 2020, we have decided to run it again in 2021! A family adventure in the outdoors – a trail to follow, challenges to complete and a nativity story to relive. You’ll need to allow 2-3 hours to complete the trail so bring drinks and snacks and a few other bits and pieces we’ll let you know about.

You’ll get a booklet to record your visit and the memories you make and story of when you followed the star.

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Can I bring a buggy?

Most of the route is suitable for a buggy but you might have to carry a toddler or baby at a couple of points. An off-road buggy would probably cope.

Will I get muddy?

The walk is a bit muddy in places under foot, but we won’t be asking you to crawl through the undergrowth or go walking in a muddy stream.

Our family bubble is more than 6 is that okay?

Please don’t leave ‘Little Johnny’ behind, if your family bubble is big, that’s wonderful and you should all be able to enjoy the event together, but we recommend that 6 would work best for the challenges. If you’re intending to come during the Christmas lockdown-break from 23rd December consider booking two or more slots for bigger family groups.

Do we have to have children in our group?

This adventure would be fun for grown-up children as well as young families, the challenges will suit a range of ages.

What precautions are you taking for Covid?

  • All our staff will be symptom free and will have had their temperature taken each day.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at each station
  • Masks will be worn by staff where social distancing cannot be maintained
  • Groups will be asked to maintain distance from other groups on the trail. It might be possible for groups to catch up the group in front but we would ask that the slower group let the faster one past so that a gap can be maintained

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