1. Price: The price is as quoted on the booking invoice. Prices are based on a minimum group size of 6 participants, smaller groups can be accommodated but the minimum price will be charged.
  2. Deposit: A deposit of 20% of the total booking price is payable to secure your dates. This deposit is non-refundable. Your booking is confirmed when Birch Hall Adventures receives your signed booking forms & your deposit has cleared at our bank.
  3. Programme: Once a programme has been agreed and the deposit accepted the centre will aim to ensure that the programme is delivered as planned.  However, the centre reserves to right change the programme if necessary and substitute activities should it not be possible to complete the programme as planned.  Reasons for the change will be made clear to the client but for example may require an “on water” activity to be swapped to an “on shore” activity due to extreme weather conditions.  It may be possible to accommodate changes requested by the client if appropriately trained staff and sufficient equipment is available, however some changes may increase the cost to the client.
  4. Payment: The number you book for on the booking form is the minimum number you will be charged for. Any additional participants must be agreed with the centre and will be charged at the appropriate rate. Please make cheques payable to ‘Birch Hall Adventures’. Deposit payments are due in advance to secure the booking.  Balance payments can be made on the day or up to 7 days after.  Please make every effort to process payments promptly.
  5. Numbers: For youth groups and schools a ratio of 1 visiting leader to 12 young people is required.  Your leaders must be 18 years or older.
  6. Planning: We strongly recommend you visit the Centre before confirming your booking and meet the Birch Hall Adventures’ staff to discuss your requirements.  We work with groups of 12 for most activity sessions.
  7. Catering: If you are catering, we ask you dispose of waste in the bins provided and that you leave the kitchen facilities clean and tidy.  Please take any unused food with you – do not leave in the fridge! There is no glass recycling at the centre so please remove glass bottles with you; paper, plastic and metal waste can be recycled.
  8. Site Tidiness: Please allow sufficient time and personnel after your event for tidying the site. For function bookings, the day following the event is set aside for clearing up.  A deposit of £100 will be required by the centre in the event that further tidying is required by the centre.
  9. Safety: Adventure activities are run by qualified instructors in line with government guidelines. In the interest of safety and everyone’s peace of mind, Birch Hall Adventures reserves the right to prohibit participants from participating in an activity should they fail to adhere to safety advice given or act in such a way that would endanger themselves or other participants. Birch Hall Adventures is licensed with the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority to provide specified activities under the following headings: Sailing.
  10. Equipment: Birch Hall Adventures provides all necessary specialist activity equipment. Participants are asked to bring their own waterproof jackets, walking shoes (or trainers) and enough clothing to ensure they will always have a dry set to change into. A ‘kit list’ will be provided for your group members when we receive your booking.
  11. Transport: You are asked to organise your own transport to and from the centre. You should be aware of the current regulations regarding minibus permits and minibus driving licences. Sufficient parking is available for cars, minibuses and coaches at the centre.
  12. Cancellation: If you cancel for whatever reason your deposit is not refundable. Refund of your final payment will be on the following basis: 6 weeks 80% (i.e. full cost less deposit), 3 weeks 50%, 1 week 20%, less than 1 week 0%. We therefore recommend that you take out insurance to cover these and other unforeseen circumstances. In the unlikely event that Birch Hall Adventures have to cancel your booking any payments made to Birch Hall Adventures will be refunded but we cannot assume responsibility for other expenses your group may have incurred.
  13. Insurance: We recommend that all participants are covered by insurance. Birch Hall Adventures is covered for negligence and 3rd party injury during sessions that we run. This will not cover your group at other times during your stay or for accidents for which we are not responsible (e.g. if they trip whilst walking).
  14. Christian Ethos: Birch Hall Adventures is a registered charity with a clear Christian identity. Birch Hall Adventures reserves the right not to accept a booking from any group which seeks to promote an ideology, morality or lifestyle incompatible with our Christian purpose, in accordance with the exemptions in the Equality Act. Alternatively, Birch Hall Adventures may require restrictions of behaviour/practice of the group during their visit.
  15. Damage and/or loss: The cost of any damage and/or loss caused by your group to persons, property, fixtures, fittings, fabric, vehicles and equipment will be the responsibility of your group leader.
  16. Lost Property: Lost property is kept for up to one month. It can either be collected from the Birch Hall Adventures office or we will post it to you at your request; a post and packaging charge may apply.