The Bunkhouse

This year we are going to build and open a bunkhouse.  Our bunkhouse will provide accommodation for groups and will be a great place for groups to come especially when the weather turns a bit colder and camping is less attractive.  It will be adjacent to our changing rooms and climbing barn blocks and have beds for up to 51 visitors.  It will also have some common space for relaxing after a day of activities or field studies as well as work space for students to complete field work and write ups. This is a project that will allow the charity to grow and open the Centre for more months of the year and also to other groups for whom camping is not a possibility.

The total budget for the project is £30,000 and we think funding this is achievable with your help.  We’re looking for gifts and grants to cover this amount plus volunteer help to complete the work. Opening this building will have a massive impact on the work at Birch Hall and enable more people young and old, from this community and further afield to benefit from all that we offer. Local schools that can’t afford to take pupils to Wales or Scotland can access adventure on their doorsteps.  It has been shown that outdoor activities improve pupil performance, develop confidence, independence, build resilience and grow aspirations in young people.  We want our community to realise the potential in our young people by supporting us in doing this valuable work. You can make a big difference with just a few pounds given to Birch Hall Adventures (charity number 1160251)

To complete this project we need support from you.

  1. Can you sponsor a bed? Can you give £500 for a bed or £3000 for a room? We’ll put a small plaque on the bed for you or if you can support a whole room then you can choose a name for the room and have a plaque on the door to recognise your support.
  2. Can you offer time and skills to the project? Are you a carpenter, electrician, roofer, boarder, carpet layer, decorator, heating engineer or just enthusiastic and willing to take on a job.  WE NEED YOU! Once we begin the project will agree a schedule for works and when you would be needed. Let us know
  3. Can you provide building materials? We need: 4×2 timber, 11mm OSB, 100mm celutex or similar, 100 rockwool insulation, cement blocks, 1.5 & 2.5 electrical cable and more…

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