Home Educators Programme

Home Educators’ Programme

We love getting children into the outdoors and finding things to learn about.  With over 20 years of experience in the classroom we know a bit about communicating with young people and helping them to engage with new experiences.  Our programme puts together a range of learning topics together with some adventure activities to help build teamwork and encourage social development.

2019 Programme

Fieldwork classes run from 10:00-13:00 and Home Classes run from 09:30-11:00 and 11:30-13:00.  Feel free to bring packed lunches to have on site at the end of the session.  Tea and coffee available for parents that stay.  Book Online

Date Class Topic Activity Level Cost
13/12/2018 Fieldwork Coastal Processes and Management GCSE/A’Level £25
31/01/2019 Fieldwork Rural Geography GCSE/A’Level £25
01/02/2019 Home Educators Winter on the Farm Climbing Age 5-13 £15
28/02/2019 Fieldwork Urban/Coastalisation Geography GCSE/A’Level £25
01/03/2019 Home Educators Early Settlements Archery Age 5-13 £15
28/03/2019 Fieldwork Saltmarshes and Succession GCSE/A’Level £25
29/03/2019 Home Educators Materials and their Properties Bushcraft Skills Age 5-13 £15
03/05/2019 Home Educators Saltmarshes Habitats Sailing Age 5-13 £15
31/05/2019 Home Educators Poetry Low Ropes Age 5-13 £15
28/06/2019 Home Educators Plants for Food Kayaking Age 5-13 £15
06/09/2019 Home Educators Beaches/Camping Trip Sailing/Climbing/Archery Age 5-13 £45
03/10/2019 Fieldwork Coastal Processes and Management GCSE/A’Level £25
04/10/2019 Home Educators Painting & Drawing Geocaching Age 5-13 £15
31/10/2019 Fieldwork Rural Geography GCSE/A’Level £25
01/11/2019 Home Educators Maths – Super Triangles High Ropes Age 5-13 £15
06/11/2019 Home Educators Health & Fitness Mud Run Age 5-13 £15