Birch Hall Adventures is a charity.  We aim to make outdoor learning and adventure easily available to schools and groups.  In order to do that and to keep our charges low we need you to support us.  You are invaluable in helping Birch Hall Adventures to succeed and we love you.

If you’d like to get more involved then there are many ways in which you can help:

Attend – We host a number of events throughout the year where you can come an participate in various aspects of what we do.  We hold a churches day in June, a small music festival in September and our Campfire Carols and Christmas Market event in December.

Follow – Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and keep up with the goings on at Birch Hall Adventures.

Feedback – If you’ve been to Birch Hall and have a great story about your time with us, please let us know.  Email us your news.

Share – Help us to get the word out, share your experiences with friends and colleagues.  Maybe your child has been with their school, why don’t your get your work team to come too? You can share your experiences on social media too and tag us. Share our posts on your timeline.

Work – Join a working party, which happen normally 1-2 times a year in the off-season, a group of people get together and paint, clean, build bits of the centre and new activities.

Volunteer – Volunteers are needed at times throughout the year to act as stewards and marshals for events, such as our Schools’ Mud Run in December, Intrepid Festival in September, Open Days.  If you run a club or group and want to take part in a volunteer project let us know and we’ll help organise one for you.

Give – We are a charity and try to keep our costs as low as possible for schools and groups so that they can have the opportunity to visit us.  As we continue to grow, we still need resources to pay the staff team, take on capital projects and maintain our equipment.  Have a look at the list of projects and activities that we’re seeking to fund this year and help us where possible.  If you are a tax payer we can claim back gift aid on your donation, please complete a gift aid form. If you are writing or re-writing your will consider leaving a legacy to Birch Hall Adventures; more information about our Tribal Elders programme to follow.

Pray – As a Christian centre we love it that some of our supporter pray for us and the work at Birch Hall.  If you pray and would like to receive news about things to pray for click here

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