In the 1800’s, Birch Hall was once home to the Baker Family.  William Baker had several children, the eldest Samuel stayed at home and ran the farm. Henry, the second son, went to work in Colchester and soon after decided to become a missionary to Southern India. He had a huge impact in the region of Kerala and subsequently his son Henry Baker Junior also became a missionary to the people of Kerala and especially those in the hill tribes and around the plantations.

Today the Henry Baker College, established in Henry Baker Junior’s name, prepares Indian students for life in Kerala.  The college sits in the shadows of the first Cathedral in East Kerala, where Henry Baker was Bishop.

Each year Birch Hall Adventures seeks to send one or two English school leavers to work for a term in the college.  Their role is to act as a conversationalist for the local students.  The official language of the college is English and all student will have learned English and sit their exams in this language.  However, they will have had little opportunity to practice and speak with native English language speakers.  The students sent by Birch Hall Adventures will take informal classes with students from the college.  They should have a willingness to share their time with the students talking with them on a range of topics from sport to fashion to politics to culture and family life in India.

The college will provide accommodation and meals and will assist with any plans to travel in India after working at the college.  If you are interested in this opportunity please email Alex Phillips, with some information about yourself and when you would be interested in travelling.

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