There is always much going on at Birch Hall Adventures, some happening now, some in the planning stage and some ready for the future.  The project list gives an idea of our plans big and small.  If you think you could help or donate, let us know.

New Activities

  • Mountain bike trail
    • Mountain bikes: 20 x £250

Big Projects

Equipment Requirements

Various equipment that we use & replace each year:

  • 200m reel of rope:  £200
  • Climbing holds: £10 each
  • Arrows: £4.50 each
  • Fire Steels: £5 each
  • Buoyancy aide: £30 each
  • Safety goggles: £7.50 each
  • Archery tag arrows: £8 each
  • Tent pegs pack: £5 each
  • Tent (3-man): £90 each